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La Corona Mexican Restaurant

La Corona Mexican Restaurant

Eight Grilled

Jumbo shrimp served on sizzling plate with rice beans pico de gallo and guacamole

Camarones Bravos

8 Shrimp cooked in chipotle sauce served with rice and salad

Fried shrimp

Golden brown fried fantail shrimp, with French fries guacamole,

spring salad, and coctail sauce.

Camaron Ranchero

8 jumbo shrimp cooked in ranchero sauce serving rice and salad

Pescado Ranchero

Fish fillet and three jumbo shrimp, cooked in ranchero sauce, with rice and salad

Pan Seared Lemon Salmon

“Simply seasoned with salt an lemon, these salmon fillets are pan seared in olive oil and asparagus with grilled lemon, rice and salad

Tilapia Fish Fillet

Grilled just right, covered with creamy sauce, served with broccoli, cauliflower, rice and salad

Sautéed Sea bass

Lightly breaded with garlic and spices Sautéed white fish,

served with rice and asparagus

Coctel de Camaron

Small 10, Large 13

Camarones a la Plancha

Eight grilled jumbo shrimp, served with wegetables, rice, and spring salad.

Brochetas de Camaron

Six jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon stuffed with Monterrey cheese, slice jalapeños served with rice and sliced avocados